Ignorance is bliss?

I am now one of those people whose primary news source is social media. How did this happen??? I used to look down on people who couldn’t be bothered to read a newspaper or watch the news. Now, if they don’t show it on Nick Jr., Disney Jr., or Bravo, or on my Facebook news feed, chances are I won’t find out about it. Well… at least until D comes home and asks me what my thoughts are on some major world event and I’m like, “What the hell are you even saying? Nothing is wrong in Venezuela or the Ukraine? Calliou never mentioned it!” A look crosses his face at these times. A look that can only be described as pity mixed with confusion mixed with disgust. A look that says “you bring nothing to the table”. Sigh. I deserve it.

My ignorance regarding politics and current events is egregious. I would be hard pressed to tell you the names of the members of Obama’s cabinet. Wait, you mean Hilary isn’t Secretary of State anymore? Holy cats, when did that happen? I am not sure who the Senate Majority Leader is. I don’t know whether Chris Christie closed down anymore bridges. In my former life, I was so on top of this shit I could even tell you how SCOTUS ruled on any particular case AND the breakdown of how the Justices voted AND their rationale.

What the hell happened you ask?  Two small people, O and S. They have officially sucked all the knowledge seeking powers from my brain and replaced it with Disney princesses, talking dogs, friendly monsters, bald Canadian children and other such crap. Also, Facebook. Facebook has also stolen whatever small modicum of intellect I had left. But, as of now I am taking the power back! I am issuing an edict that henceforth, I will not log on to Facebook until I have read at least one newspaper and/or the BBC online edition. There is no excuse for my behavior anymore and I have no one to blame but myself. And O, S and Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss?

  1. I would recommend that if you have the option, do some part time work to keep in the game and to pay for some help in the child rearing area. Not full time but part time! That will help keep you sane while the kids slowly reach the point where they become relatively independent.


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