Remember when I used to blog?

Yeah, It’s been a while to say the least. One of my major goals of 2015 was to write here every day. Clearly, that ship has sailed. AH well c’est la vie.  However, I AM turning over MANY new leaves for June, so maybe this time it will happen. Today is day 1 of my 21 day Ultimate Reset. This program is so far outside my comfort zone, it is laughable. No working out (except for light yoga and walking)???? No meat or dairy (after day 2)??? No gum??? NO CAFFEINE????? Why would I do such a thing? Well, for starters, my coach and friend basically strong armed me into doing it. She is VERY persuasive that one. Once I wrapped my head around that I was doing it ( and with 90 other people I might add- there is safety in numbers for sure), I began to get more excited about it. Why? Well, I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Not for any discernible reason, I was just meh. I was still working out all the time but my nutrition? Well, let’s just say that I was a bit of a mess. Can we say emotional eater? The problem was, I couldn’t figure out WHY I was sabotaging myself. I became nervous to run into people at events and the grocery store for fear they would be like “is she kidding as a beachbody coach? Who is she to help me get healthy when she can’t even keep it together herself”? I was NOT feeling good about myself.  And so, in an effort to get my groove back and try something VERY new.

You might be asking yourself “what does this have to do with this blog”? Well, I like how you think. You see, since this space was sitting here all unused and lonely, and I was looking to capture my experience with the reset, I thought perfecto. I can get myself into the habit of posting here every day  AND chronicle my reset experience.

In true slacker fashion, I didn’t finish grocery shopping for this week until 5 minutes before my friend S was set to come over to meal prep with me. S is a GREAT sport and agreed to do this with me. We attempted to grocery shop on Friday, and we did accomplish a bunch of the VERY long list. However, when you have no idea what some of the ingredients are, shopping tends to take a LOT longer than it normally would. Then on Saturday, my husband, D, decided that he wanted to do the reset too. I asked him about this a solid month ago when I decided I was going to do it. He said no. So obviously, once the preliminary shopping was completed, he decided to hop on this here bandwagon. Whatever, shopping was complete at 5 pm after a crazy weekend, which included O’s dance recital Sunday Morning. Cutest thing ever.  But, I digress. S brought over her two girls who are the same ages as mine and everybody is friends with everybody else. Perfecto.   I am fairly sure that no one would ever accuse either S or I of being particularly domestic, so it was definitely a scene.  I kind of wished we filmed the insanity that was going on. Kids everywhere. Produce everywhere. Pyrex everywhere.  I am really proud to say that we busted out some pretty awesome Miso Soup, and a bunch of other recipes needed for this week. It wasn’t even that hard. Was it more effort that I normally would put into food prep? Um yes. Hell yes. However, it wasn’t terrible.  Stay tuned for what today brings!


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