This is the First Day of My Life

So day 1 is in the books and I am feeling pretty good this morning. I had a TERRIBLE headache last night and didn’t sleep very well, but I am not sure I would blame that entirely on caffeine withdrawal. My allergies are a complete joke lately so I think that played a BIG part in my headache. I am getting way ahead of myself though. I should start at the beginning of the day.

I woke around 5 a.m., which is my normal wake up time so I can bust out a workout before the kids wake up (it works about 50% of the time). My plan is to continue to wake up early and get some work done. I also really don’t want to fall out of the habit of getting up. So, I will try to make this happen for the next 3 weeks. I took my first round of supplements with the mineralized distilled water and it began. Breakfast was pretty awesome- 2 eggs, whole grain bread and steamed spinach. I was pretty hungry after breakfast but I am pretty sure that is because I have been eating like a monster lately. Also, my body is so used to having my shake around 9 that it was weird not to have it. Lunch was homemade Miso soup and a gigantic salad. I am one of those people who can eat a meal in 5 minutes tops. I am a speed eater. I should win prizes for the least amount of time spent per meal ( I realize this is not healthy but it is what it is). You guys? It took me 45 minutes to eat lunch. Not because it wasn’t delicious. It was! It just took me a long time to eat which was a nice change.

S was having a day. She has officially entered the terrible twos and has really been flexing her muscles lately. I actually felt more patient with her than I normally do when she flings herself on the ground  yelling “Hairstyle! NO hairstyle”. S calls ponytails, or buns, or really anything more than slapping a barrette in her hair hairstyle. It is beyond hilarious. I have no idea where she got it from (cough* netflix cough*). The most frustrating thing about these tantrums is that she totally Jekyll and Hydes the situation. One minute she wants a hairstyle. The next not so much. It is boat loads of fun around here. I thought I would be totally cranky and short tempered for at least the first day of the reset but so far that has not been the case.

We picked O up from school (more S tantrums at O’s school- public humiliation for the win!) and I came home to prep dinner for  me, D and S (friend S, not baby S- baby S will only eat mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, cereal bars, and yogurt). I also had to prep lunches for the next day. I was starting to get overwhelmed but it seriously did NOT take that long. Both meals involved way way way more ingredients than I am used to, especially fresh ones. It was relatively easy to prepare. Dinner was wild salmon with steamed asparagus and baby potatoes. I opened the salmon package and to my surprise the skin was still on the back. I was stunned. I had never seen such a thing and was in WAY over my head. I tried to cut the skin off using my less than professional grade knives ( I would do my wedding registry very differently if given the opportunity) and it was not working. I was starting to panic, when I realized that I could turn to google for help. Sure enough, google told me to cook it with the skin which would peel off easily after cooking. Google was correct as usual. I am not sure how people survived prior to Google, without looking like complete morons that is. Dinner was actually really delicious and I plan to keep it in the rotation post reset.

I started to get an insane headache around 7:30. I tried to push through and get some work done but I decided to call it a night. I tried to fall asleep early but that wasn’t really happening. Woke up this morning and I felt so much better. All in all, day 1 was definitely easier than I expected it to be. Stay tuned…


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