Day 3

WOW. 3 consecutive blog posts… a new record! Yesterday was day 3, and I was definitely in a crappy mood for most of it. The reset guide tells you to expect emotional releases and changing moods, but I am not convinced that my mood was’t caused by encountering a bunch of asshats. Or maybe it had to do with the TONS of prep involved with the meal selections for yesterday? Who can say?

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with whole grain bread and steamed kale and spinach. This might sounds weird to some but it isn’t my favorite. I don’t love scrambled eggs to begin with, and these were just bland in my opinion. D loved them, so to each their own. Lunch was ENORMOUS. It took me 45 minutes to eat, which again is ridiculous in and of itself. A microgreen salad (the size of my head- Elaine’s big salad had nothing on this bad boy) and a lentil-lime salad which I was terrified to try and wound up being awesome.

S refused to nap, so my day was kind of thrown off kilter. PLEASE do not tell me that she might be starting to give up her naps, because I CAN’T HEAR YOU. That shit is NOT going to fly at this point. Don’t go getting any ideas S. You will nap! I attempted to do yoga with S, but that was kind of a joke. She thought it was a delightful opportunity to climb on me and punch me in the face. It was pure zen bliss.

After lunch, I decided to get started on meal prep for dinner and lunch the next day. It was then I realized that Friend S and I did a piss poor job of prepping on Sunday. The amount of prep I had to do yesterday afternoon just highlighted what I KNOW is true and something I always tell my challengers. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Luckily,  I had the time yesterday to bust it out, otherwise I surely would have failed. Note: All of this prepping seems hard to me because I am NOT a chef by any stretch of the imagination. I do NOT enjoy cooking, chopping, dishes any of it. So believe me when I say, if I can do this ANYONE ( and I do mean ANYONE) can.  When O got home from school she was eager to assist me again, but I was in a piss poor mood so it wasn’t as much fun for her. Oh ya think? Luckily, she was just as happy to play with her My Little Ponies and S (for once) so it worked out.

For dinner, I made Nori rolls with smoked tempeh, Japanese cucumber salad and miso soup. Who the hell am I? I mean really. When I saw that I had to make sushi rolls, I laughed out loud. For real. Guess what? They actually came out pretty good. The looked like shit and I wont be winning any awards any time soon, but they were edible. As for the Japanese cucumber salad, It was delicious. I couldn’t find Japanese cucumbers ( do these really even exist??? I am NOT convinced) and had to use regular everyday cucumbers. I wonder if these magical cucumbers would have made it even more delicious, but alas. I will never know. I am fine with it.

I put myself to bed pretty early so that the world (read: D) didn’t have to deal with my crappy mood. Slept really great for the first time in a LONG time. I woke up in a much better mindset. Here’s to day 4!


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