Day 4

I woke up feeling amazing. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for O and S. O was complaining of a headache before she fell asleep. She had a low-grade fever so I gave her some motrin,and she went to sleep without issue. When she woke up in the morning, I took one look at her and I just knew. Her cheeks were bright red, and she was complaining of a sore throat. I took her temperature, and sure enough 101.8. I called the doctor and we were able to get an appointment for 10:15. For those that know, this is NOT a small feat because one of the doctors in the practice has been out due to personal reasons for MONTHS. Accordingly, it has been a crap shoot as to whether we can actually get an appointment in the Long Beach office. Thankfully, it appears that he is back, or maybe we just got lucky? Who knows? I didn’t ask because I am a child when it comes to these things. But, I digress.

We arrived at the pediatrician and were taken back right away. We hadn’t been there long when I noticed that S felt pretty warm. Typically, S is a tasmanian devil no matter her surroundings, so the fact that she was falling asleep in my arms was a pretty big red flag that something was up. I walked to the front and told them that they might as well pull her chart too. Sure enough, S was rocking a 102.2 fever.  After both girls were examined and negative for strep, I heard the words that no parent wants to hear. “It’s a virus”. Translation, your kids contracted some random thing that there is no treatment for. Good luck to you guys for the next few days.

Needless to say, my schedule was thrown off. Breakfast was good. It was a tremendous serving of fruit and plain yogurt with maple syrup (amazing). For lunch, I had lentil-lime salad (which I am not obsessed with) and another Nori roll. So good. The girls went down for a nap, so I began to prep for dinner and day 5 lunch.  Dinner was a stir fry with quinoa and a cucumber tomato salad. I quickly realized that I was missing some key ingredients (um hello, TOMATOES AND CUCUMBERS) due to poor planning on my part. I REALLY didn’t want to schlep the girls out while they weren’t feeling well. I was kind of panicking. I called Friend S and asked her to pick up some produce on her way home from work. She dropped the stuff off and I was able to finish the food prep. The original plan was for Friend S to come over with her girls and we could prep for the rest of the week together, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. Sorry, O, S, M and H. You are going to have to wait until this shit passes to have a play date!

The stir-fry was ridiculously easy to make. Took like 10 minutes and was AMAZING. I never had a stir-fry that didn’t include any animal protein before. I was really skeptical that it would be filling. It seemed more like a side dish than dinner. I was wrong. It was so good. I am definitely going to make this again. Did I mention it was so damn easy to make? The cucumber tomato salad was also really easy to make. The shocker was that I actually really, really liked it. Up until four days ago, I HATED tomatoes. I cannot believe I am actually liking them. See, O and S, if you try new things you might just like it. Another thing I wasn’t a fan of pre-reset was tea. I was always Team Coffee. I had no use for tea whatsoever. Since, we are allowed to drink caffeine-free herbal tea, and I was needing to drink something other than distilled water, I bought Yogi tea and I am now OBSESSED. This tea is my new best friend for the duration of the reset.


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