Day 5

I woke up feeling great again which is a nice change of pace from how I usually feel upon waking. The girls were definitely better but still not great, so it was another lazy day at home. The silver lining is that I got a jump start on some food prep. Today was the first day I can honestly say that I was HUNGRY. I don’t know why but I was definitely hungry today. It wasn’t just mental either as my stomach was actually growling at times. Maybe because it was the first day without any animal protein or dairy? Probably.

Breakfast was delicious. Farina with green apples, walnuts and maple syrup. This will definitely become a staple in my house. I bet even O will like it since she LOVES oatmeal and in my opinion the texture of Farina is much better. Lunch was not my favorite. It was a quinoa salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. It was supposed to have Kalamata olives as well but I HATE olives. I know what you are thinking. “Brooke, you also “hated” tomatoes and tea and now look”. Well, maybe but olives are my kryptonite and I am not willing to go down that path.  Along with the quinoa salad, I had a raw veggie plate with hummus. Again, not my favorite.  Dinner was stir fry veggies again with brown rice and miso soup. It was delicious.

Friend S came over and we prepped for dinner and food for the next day. It was infinitely more fun to prep with a friend. It went so fast and we had a lot of laughs. After dinner, I wanted to move so I attempted pilates X from P90x3. My legs felt so weird and heavy. I got through it but I was definitely off. Still, it felt good to move.  Today will be a true test for me. I have a baby shower and a birthday dinner. I plan to bring my food in the car and drink water during the events. It will be a little awkward for sure but I really want to do complete the reset with no stumbles or cheats.  Wish me luck!


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