Weekend wrap up-days 6 and 7

I woke up on the morning of day 6 feeling a little anxious because I knew that I had two pretty big hurdles to clear with regard to sticking to the reset; a baby “sprinkle” and a birthday dinner. This was the first time that I had to figure out how to stick to the plan while being away from home. I was determined to stay on track. More on that later. Breakfast was Baked Tempeh with steamed kale and avocado. I need to be honest here. I didn’t love this one. It was an odd choice for breakfast. It definitely felt more like a dinner and my palate just couldn’t handle this in the morning. I will not repeat this one for breakfast that is for sure.

The sprinkle was at noon in Westchester, about an hour or so away. I wanted to arrive about 30 minutes early so that I could eat my microgreen salad and quinoa salad in the car beforehand. I didn’t anticipate that the traffic on the Cross Island due to the Belmont Stakes would complicate this. Needless to say, I wasn’t early so I had no choice but to haul my bag of contraband food into the restaurant. I worked as a server for close to ten years, so I was acutely aware just how ridiculous it would be for me to bust out my food from home. Luckily, the sprinkle was held in honor of A, one of my best friends from college. With any other group of people, I probably would have felt too uncomfortable to dump my tupperware containers onto restaurant plates. With my college girls, anything goes so that was a non issue, and it made me realize even more how lucky I am to have these lunatics in my life. I am pretty sure that some of A’s other friends think I am a huge weirdo, but they would have figured that out sooner or later regardless.

I was pretty nervous about the drive home. I needed to time it right so that I could take my Alkalinize supplement (green power that is mixed with water) at like 3:30. I checked the GPS and it was still saying that the Cross Island was my best bet. I had doubts, but I forged ahead. Once I crossed the Throgs Neck, I knew listening to that damn machine was a mistake. Traffic was backed up to the bridge and post time for the Belmont Stakes wasn’t even until 6:00 p.m. (It was now like 2:45). I made an illegal exit (normally I am the biggest rule follower ever but everyone else was doing it so I followed suit because I REALLY wanted to get home) and decided to hop on the Clearview Expressway. Fun Fact: I am really, really good at concocting alternate routes. I have a decent sense of direction and I am proud to say that I navigated myself home, away from the high traffic areas of the Belmont, and it didn’t take a ridiculous amount of time. I made my Alkalinize at a red light and I was in business.

Unfortunately, my friend M, the  birthday girl, was feeling sick so the birthday dinner was postponed. In a way this was a relief.  Reset and food wise for sure; however I love hanging with this group of girls so I was pretty bummed. Dinner was zucchini and cashew soup that was so easy to make and so delicious, along with roasted root vegetables. That was probably my favorite meal thus far. The roasted vegetables were amazing and so filling. I was stunned because normally? That dish would have been a side dish at best. Not any longer.

My nephew J’s 6th birthday party was in the morning of day 7. I was totally confident that I could resist any temptations at this point. Breakfast was oatmeal with apple and flax seeds- delicious and filling. Then it was time to party at one of those germ fest bounce places that I love so much. Everyone had a blast. The pizza didn’t tempt me at all. The cake? I have to admit that I definitely wanted a taste, but I am committed to doing this reset clean with no breaks from the program.

Lunch was a giant microgreen salad with zucchini and cashew soup. So good. Then, I had kickball at 3:00. I play with such a fun team. We are definitely the Bad News Bears of the league, but we have a great time. Some of the other teams take it VERY seriously, but let’s face facts. We are women in our 30’s and above playing kickball. By definition, we are ridiculous. Might as well roll with it. Strenuous exercise is not recommended while doing the reset, but kickball doesn’t usually get too intense so I figured I was safe. HAHAHAH of course I was wrong. We were down a few players and the ball was just flying all over the field. I definitely ran a LOT more that I was planning to. I think that is what caused my headache later on in the evening.

Dinner was Baked Tempeh, broccoli and brown rice. The tempeh was so much better for dinner. I actually really liked it. I went to bed pretty early because my head was pounding.  Week 1 stats: down 5 lbs and many inches (didn’t measure because I wasn’t feeling well but I can tell by the way my clothes are fitting and from pictures) Looking forward to week 2- phase 2.


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