Just Another Manic Monday- day 8

Woke up a little later than I would have liked. Normally, this would  have thrown me off for the entire day, but it didn’t really matter all that much today.  Today marked the start of week 2/phase 2. An additional supplement “detox” is added into the mix. This one actually tastes pretty good. D described it as oatmeal lemonade, which sounds gross but isn’t. For breakfast I had vegan chocolate Shakeology with frozen cherries, distilled water and cinnamon. It was AMAZING. I have NEVER been a fan of my shakes with anything other than unsweetened vanilla almond milk. This recipe might be a game changer. I opted to have the shake this morning instead of the fruit platter because week 3 is ALL fruit platters with no option for Shakeology as a replacement so I figured I would switch it up a bit. Also, it cut down on the food prep and grocery bill this week, which is always nice.

O stayed home from school again, poor kiddo. I felt so bad for her as this is her last week of Pre-K and she has had such an amazing year. Seriously, I don’t know how any teacher can top this ever. Luckily, her pediatrician gave her the all clear to return to school tomorrow, just in time for her Pre-K Prom. HAHAHAH can you even believe this is a thing? I cannot wait to see how cute this event turns out to be.

Lunch was microgreens salad with toasted pumpkin seeds and avocado. I love this salad. I am not sure if it is because I eat salads for lunch pretty much every day in my “normal life” and it feels familiar? Did I just insinuate that salad is comfort food? Oh man. What is the world coming to? Dinner was pinto beans and brown rice with steamed zucchini and green beans. When I read this entry in the book I had two thoughts. 1. They forgot to add the main dish to this dinner option. 2. The menu creator just gave up and picked three of the most boring foods ever and slapped them together. Yet again, I was wrong. This meal is definitely one of my favorites to date and I will incorporate it into my normal routine. That way I can see if it was a delicious as it seemed or if I am just carb deprived and a little crazy.

All in all today was a great day. Right up until bedtime when O decided that she wanted me to read her another book ( I had already read her 4). When I said no, she informed me that she would “fly away out of the window” if I didn’t cave to her demands. I explained to her that she couldn’t actually fly, and that she would get really hurt if she attempted to do so. Then she banned me from her room (unless I changed my mind and decided to read to her) forever. Bedtime is really fun at my house. You should try it. For once, O wore herself out and apologized to me on her own! That has never happened before so I was pretty proud of her.  For those that don’t know, O is so much like me as a child that it freaks me out. With that being the case, I sometimes have less patience for her antics that I would with S, probably because I understand her motivation more. I also tend to forget that she isn’t in fact me and she does have her OWN driving forces. She proved that tonight because as a child? I definitely wouldn’t have apologized so soon after the fact. In any case, this is all karmic retribution for my own epic tantrums that I pitched well into my tween years. From there, I was a REALLY bitchy teen. I am so so so screwed.


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