Day 10

I woke up early with a ton of energy so I decided I would do some yoga, just to get my body moving. I have really been missing my workouts. I know I sound like a douche when I say things like that, but I rely on my workouts to keep me sane. Literally. It felt really good to get up and move. Had a shake for breakfast, which was awesome. I am really going to miss my shakes next week.

We dropped O off at school, and she was really clingy at drop off. I asked her what was wrong ,and she started crying. She told me that she didn’t want Friday to be graduation, because she didn’t want school to be over. It broke my heart. This year has really been so special. I can’t even accurately convey how amazing it has been for her. I am sad about it, so I can only imagine how she must be feeling. Luckily, Aunt A, Cousins S and E are coming on Saturday, which will totally distract her.

S and I came home. Once again S refused to nap at her normal time. She decided to go down about one hour before we had to pick up O. Obviously, I had to wake her up to get her sister. This went over well, as I am sure you can imagine. Actually, those of you who have never had the pleasure of witnessing one of S’s tantrums cannot imagine. S is a force of nature. She really commits to her tantrums and rails against whatever perceived injustice she is forced to endure. To the uninitiated onlooker, it sounds as though her fingernails are being ripped off her hand, when in reality she just REALLY wanted to have a piece of gum (she’s 2). I think twice about opening my windows for fear of what my neighbors will think. In any case, I had a really relaxing lunch of Sweet Potato Bisque and Greek salad. S provided the entertainment.

Dinner was a quinoa and lentil salad with steamed broccoli. The quinoa and lentil salad was amazing for real. It is one of my favorite dishes so far, and to think just two weeks ago I would have considered it a side dish at best. I had a ridiculous amount of energy after dinner. I got a ton of work done and I couldn’t fall asleep until well after midnight. I normally go to bed at 10:00 p.m., because I am 100 years old. I haven’t had energy like this since…ever. Seriously, I cannot remember a time where I felt this good.


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