weekend wrap up 2- days 12,13,14

This was a pretty hectic weekend. O’s graduation was on Friday. The ceremony itself was beyond adorable. The school did  a REALLY nice job of putting it together. We spent the rest of the day hanging with O’s friends and it was awesome. Breakfast was a chocolate cherry shake (amazing). I brought my lunch with us (another microgreen salad with toasted pumpkin seeds- love it but there is n’t much more I can say about it that hasn’t already been said) along with my trust gallon jug of distilled water. Dinner was AWESOME. Roasted beets and coconut collard greens- never in my life did I think that I would love a dinner like this. NEVER. It was really so good.  Confession: I had no IDEA what collard greens looked like before my shopping trip with Friend S (she didn’t either). I love that this is broadening my horizons. After dinner, I met Friend S at Trader Joes so we could prepare for Phase 3! I cannot believe 2 weeks are down. Totally crazy to me.  Side note: how OLD are we? Friday night at Trader Joes???? What has become of me?

We spent Saturday hanging around the house because S wasn’t feeling well. Aunt A, S, E and grandma came by to say hello which was awesome, and totally made O and S’s day. Breakfast was another shake (trying to get my fill because after Sunday, no breakfast shakes are allowed. Lunch was roasted beets (yes!) with a microgreen salad. Dinner was Kabocha squash with garlic tahini sauce and broccoli. Say what? I went to 4 different stores before I found a kabocha squash (thank you Fruit Bowl). I had to google the thing before I had any idea what i was even looking for.  Pro-tip: cutting a kabocha squash is similar to cutting a spaghetti squash, soften in the microwave before attempting to cut. I didn’t do this at first and wound up cutting my arm with a giant serrated knife. Just a surface wound, but a battle scar nonetheless. It was worth it though. That garlic tahini sauce will DEFINITELY be used again and again post reset. I will be honest and say that I probably will not make kabocha squash again. I didn’t love it and it was such a pain in the ass to cut. That sauce though? Amazing.

O had two back to back birthday parties on Sunday. Under normal circumstances, this would never happen. I would definitely decline one of the two. However, one was for my niece S and the other was for N, my camp friend’s daughter. O and N get along so well, I couldn’t say no. Since, we were going to be out of the house ALL day, I had to plan in advance. Lunch was soup made from the remainder of the kabocha squash and coconut milk, plus you guessed it…a microgreen salad. It was AMAZING. My ‘soup” had the consistency of mashed potatoes because I clearly messed something up, but it didn’t matter. It was so good.  I ate before we left the house because soup and salad really aren’t portable menu items when your dining room is a car, and you are the driver. Before the reset, my sweet tooth was out of hand. A taste of this here, a bite there. These parties would have been TORTURE for me. I can honestly say that I wasn’t fazed by the pizza, cake and cupcakes at ALL! That is a HUGE NSV (non-scale victory for the uninitiated).

Dinner was AMAZING. Edamame and roasted corn succotash. Pro-tip: Trader Joes carries Soycatash- a frozen bag of edamame, red peppers and corn and nothing else added- 3 of the main ingredients in the succotash. Next time, I will use this to save time because this will definitely be a staple going forward. It was served with Lemon-Pepper Kale. The Lemon-Pepper Kale didn’t contain pepper of any kind so I thought the name was a little ridiculous. In any case, I went in thinking I would hate this. Generally, I dislike Kale, but this dish was really good. After dinner, I needed to decompress because this week starts camp-mom, which is going to be rough as a work at home mom. I watched the first two episodes of the new season of Orange is the New Black, and I am already trying to figure out when I can watch the rest. O and S have custody of my iPad during the day (don’t judge me- see above, work at home mom), so things aren’t looking good for me this week.


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