Day 17

Woke up feeling like super mom. I had such a ridiculous amount of energy for 5:00 am, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I wrote a blog post; did some work, a load of laundry, packed food and bags for the beach, cleaned out my hall closet (a miracle in and of itself), set aside clothing for donations and prepped for lunch and dinner, all before O and S woke up.  It felt great to be so productive so early, and I felt ahead of the game all day. I really hope this energy burst continues, especially since it has officially been 17 days sans caffeine. I cannot even believe I wrote that. I NEVER thought that was possible.

Lunch was Moroccan Carrot salad over baby greens. It was so amazingly good, but spicy as hell. If you have an aversion to things with a kick, stay far away from this one (or leave out the OPTIONAL cayenne pepper). My mouth was on fire for a while after, but in a good way. Say what? I will absolutely make this one again (and again).

After lunch it was off to the beach to meet AJ, Aunt A, and Cousins E and S. This was our maiden voyage this year because the weather just hasn’t been that great so far this season. It was such an awesome day. O and S had the best time with their cousins. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive to take S to the beach because she is such a spaz when it comes to the pool (read: thinks she can jump right in when she absolutely cannot). Thankfully, she was content to hang out along the shore and dip her toes in. However, she did take off after the big girls when they went for a walk. AJ and I made a valiant attempt to distract her with snacks, but she wasn’t having it. She marched her little legs down the beach in search of her cousins, and I had no choice but to tag along. She made it 3 beaches, there and back, no small feat for a 2 year old. Her determination is unreal. Hopefully, she decides to use her powers for good, not evil.

Out of nowhere, the temperature dropped so we decided to pack it up. We got in the car and both girls looked like they were about to pass out. Not cool, considering it was 4:30 pm, and the drive home is 5 minutes. If they fell asleep, it would SERIOUSLY destroy bedtime, so I launched into operation No Car Naps. For those who don’t know, late afternoon car naps are despised by most (if not all) moms. In the mind of  a child, the 5 minute car nap correlates to a 3 hour regular nap, thereby pushing bedtime off by HOURS. Not gonna happen. So… I rolled down all the windows, blasted their favorite songs and sang at the top of my lungs like a complete lunatic. When I noticed one of them getting a little droopy in the eyelid, I yelled their name super loud, startling them into alertness. And the Mother of the Year award goes to…

Dinner was a repeat from Monday. Garlic veggies and baked sweet potato. So good. D worked late which meant that I had the tv to myself. I was able to catch up on a few episodes of OITNB and this weeks RHONY. Today was a GOOD day.


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