Days 18-21 Final wrap up

These last few days were definitely the toughest. Not only were there more temptations thrown at me, I wasn’t as prepared as I could have been. I am a firm believer in being outside as much as possible during the warmer months. Accordingly, I could never have done this during the throes of summer. There just wouldn’t be enough prep time. I was also REALLY missing my workouts. I need them for stress relief! However, I made a commitment and once I decide to do something, it gets done. I am so happy I finished strong. I am down 9 lbs and so many inches ( didn’t measure yet…have to ask D to help me). The weight loss is only part of the story though.

I used to chew like a pack of gum a day. I also drank at least 3 cups of coffee. I haven’t had either since the reset started, and I can honestly say that it has been fine. I know that at some point in my life I will have coffee ( I love it) and gum but I want it to be an every now and then thing, not an addiction. It’s a slippery slope though, so for now it is best to just stay away for as long as I can. Besides not working out, eliminating these items from my diet were the scariest aspects of the reset to me before I started.  I am super proud of myself for curbing these habits.

I thought I would be a lunatic if I didn’t workout everyday. What they say is true though. The reset is an internal workout and I was so consumed with prepping etc., that I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would. I did miss it though. I don’t think I was a lunatic, but you will have to contact my family for confirmation on this one.

I went into this hating tomatoes with a passion. I liked them in sauce and ketchup form and that was it. Even salsa was hit or miss. Now? I adore them. SOOOO strange.  Same thing with tea. I was ALWAYS a coffee person. I liked iced tea, sure, like Snapple or whatever. But real hot tea? NOT even a little bit. Funny, because now I drink at least 2 cups a day and found some amazing flavors by Yogi and Harney and Sons.

This program took me so far outside my comfort zone and pushed me in ways that I never foresaw. I learned that even when I am hungry, I can wait 30 minutes to prepare clean healthy food. I don’t need to grab the easiest thing. I learned that it is ok to ask the people at Fairway what an ingredient is, and not to care when they look at you like you are the biggest moron they have ever encountered (Note: this happened once. Everyone else was perfectly helpful). I learned that even when you don’t enjoy cooking, there is satisfaction in preparing food for yourself. I learned that I need a bigger sink because the amount of dishes were almost the death of me. I learned that doing this with a support team and close friends and relatives, makes ALL the difference in the world. I cannot wait to do this again in January!


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