Day 5

I woke up feeling great again which is a nice change of pace from how I usually feel upon waking. The girls were definitely better but still not great, so it was another lazy day at home. The silver lining is that I got a jump start on some food prep. Today was the first day I can honestly say that I was HUNGRY. I don’t know why but I was definitely hungry today. It wasn’t just mental either as my stomach was actually growling at times. Maybe because it was the first day without any animal protein or dairy? Probably.

Breakfast was delicious. Farina with green apples, walnuts and maple syrup. This will definitely become a staple in my house. I bet even O will like it since she LOVES oatmeal and in my opinion the texture of Farina is much better. Lunch was not my favorite. It was a quinoa salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. It was supposed to have Kalamata olives as well but I HATE olives. I know what you are thinking. “Brooke, you also “hated” tomatoes and tea and now look”. Well, maybe but olives are my kryptonite and I am not willing to go down that path.  Along with the quinoa salad, I had a raw veggie plate with hummus. Again, not my favorite.  Dinner was stir fry veggies again with brown rice and miso soup. It was delicious.

Friend S came over and we prepped for dinner and food for the next day. It was infinitely more fun to prep with a friend. It went so fast and we had a lot of laughs. After dinner, I wanted to move so I attempted pilates X from P90x3. My legs felt so weird and heavy. I got through it but I was definitely off. Still, it felt good to move.  Today will be a true test for me. I have a baby shower and a birthday dinner. I plan to bring my food in the car and drink water during the events. It will be a little awkward for sure but I really want to do complete the reset with no stumbles or cheats.  Wish me luck!


Day 4

I woke up feeling amazing. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for O and S. O was complaining of a headache before she fell asleep. She had a low-grade fever so I gave her some motrin,and she went to sleep without issue. When she woke up in the morning, I took one look at her and I just knew. Her cheeks were bright red, and she was complaining of a sore throat. I took her temperature, and sure enough 101.8. I called the doctor and we were able to get an appointment for 10:15. For those that know, this is NOT a small feat because one of the doctors in the practice has been out due to personal reasons for MONTHS. Accordingly, it has been a crap shoot as to whether we can actually get an appointment in the Long Beach office. Thankfully, it appears that he is back, or maybe we just got lucky? Who knows? I didn’t ask because I am a child when it comes to these things. But, I digress.

We arrived at the pediatrician and were taken back right away. We hadn’t been there long when I noticed that S felt pretty warm. Typically, S is a tasmanian devil no matter her surroundings, so the fact that she was falling asleep in my arms was a pretty big red flag that something was up. I walked to the front and told them that they might as well pull her chart too. Sure enough, S was rocking a 102.2 fever.  After both girls were examined and negative for strep, I heard the words that no parent wants to hear. “It’s a virus”. Translation, your kids contracted some random thing that there is no treatment for. Good luck to you guys for the next few days.

Needless to say, my schedule was thrown off. Breakfast was good. It was a tremendous serving of fruit and plain yogurt with maple syrup (amazing). For lunch, I had lentil-lime salad (which I am not obsessed with) and another Nori roll. So good. The girls went down for a nap, so I began to prep for dinner and day 5 lunch.  Dinner was a stir fry with quinoa and a cucumber tomato salad. I quickly realized that I was missing some key ingredients (um hello, TOMATOES AND CUCUMBERS) due to poor planning on my part. I REALLY didn’t want to schlep the girls out while they weren’t feeling well. I was kind of panicking. I called Friend S and asked her to pick up some produce on her way home from work. She dropped the stuff off and I was able to finish the food prep. The original plan was for Friend S to come over with her girls and we could prep for the rest of the week together, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. Sorry, O, S, M and H. You are going to have to wait until this shit passes to have a play date!

The stir-fry was ridiculously easy to make. Took like 10 minutes and was AMAZING. I never had a stir-fry that didn’t include any animal protein before. I was really skeptical that it would be filling. It seemed more like a side dish than dinner. I was wrong. It was so good. I am definitely going to make this again. Did I mention it was so damn easy to make? The cucumber tomato salad was also really easy to make. The shocker was that I actually really, really liked it. Up until four days ago, I HATED tomatoes. I cannot believe I am actually liking them. See, O and S, if you try new things you might just like it. Another thing I wasn’t a fan of pre-reset was tea. I was always Team Coffee. I had no use for tea whatsoever. Since, we are allowed to drink caffeine-free herbal tea, and I was needing to drink something other than distilled water, I bought Yogi tea and I am now OBSESSED. This tea is my new best friend for the duration of the reset.

Day 3

WOW. 3 consecutive blog posts… a new record! Yesterday was day 3, and I was definitely in a crappy mood for most of it. The reset guide tells you to expect emotional releases and changing moods, but I am not convinced that my mood was’t caused by encountering a bunch of asshats. Or maybe it had to do with the TONS of prep involved with the meal selections for yesterday? Who can say?

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with whole grain bread and steamed kale and spinach. This might sounds weird to some but it isn’t my favorite. I don’t love scrambled eggs to begin with, and these were just bland in my opinion. D loved them, so to each their own. Lunch was ENORMOUS. It took me 45 minutes to eat, which again is ridiculous in and of itself. A microgreen salad (the size of my head- Elaine’s big salad had nothing on this bad boy) and a lentil-lime salad which I was terrified to try and wound up being awesome.

S refused to nap, so my day was kind of thrown off kilter. PLEASE do not tell me that she might be starting to give up her naps, because I CAN’T HEAR YOU. That shit is NOT going to fly at this point. Don’t go getting any ideas S. You will nap! I attempted to do yoga with S, but that was kind of a joke. She thought it was a delightful opportunity to climb on me and punch me in the face. It was pure zen bliss.

After lunch, I decided to get started on meal prep for dinner and lunch the next day. It was then I realized that Friend S and I did a piss poor job of prepping on Sunday. The amount of prep I had to do yesterday afternoon just highlighted what I KNOW is true and something I always tell my challengers. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Luckily,  I had the time yesterday to bust it out, otherwise I surely would have failed. Note: All of this prepping seems hard to me because I am NOT a chef by any stretch of the imagination. I do NOT enjoy cooking, chopping, dishes any of it. So believe me when I say, if I can do this ANYONE ( and I do mean ANYONE) can.  When O got home from school she was eager to assist me again, but I was in a piss poor mood so it wasn’t as much fun for her. Oh ya think? Luckily, she was just as happy to play with her My Little Ponies and S (for once) so it worked out.

For dinner, I made Nori rolls with smoked tempeh, Japanese cucumber salad and miso soup. Who the hell am I? I mean really. When I saw that I had to make sushi rolls, I laughed out loud. For real. Guess what? They actually came out pretty good. The looked like shit and I wont be winning any awards any time soon, but they were edible. As for the Japanese cucumber salad, It was delicious. I couldn’t find Japanese cucumbers ( do these really even exist??? I am NOT convinced) and had to use regular everyday cucumbers. I wonder if these magical cucumbers would have made it even more delicious, but alas. I will never know. I am fine with it.

I put myself to bed pretty early so that the world (read: D) didn’t have to deal with my crappy mood. Slept really great for the first time in a LONG time. I woke up in a much better mindset. Here’s to day 4!

Today was a good day- day 2

Day 2 was MUCH better than day 1. My headache eased up a lot which obviously helped. I can’t describe it but I just felt better. Typically, I feel like I am running at a million miles an hour. I am always rushing from one thing to the next, and I am usually annoyed because everyone else isn’t operating at hyper speed like I am. Today, was different. It was like someone pulled the plug, but not in a bad way. Everything that I needed to do got done, and in a timely manner. However, I wasn’t frantic or spazzed out. I have no idea whether the reset sparked this feeling or if it was the full moon or something else entirely, but whatever it was, I’ll take it. It was nice to just go with the flow for once.

Breakfast was really easy. Oatmeal with blueberries and plain yogurt.  I had no idea how good things could taste without all the added crap. Lunch was a Greek salad with chicken. This is pretty close to what I normally have for lunch, but the portion was so gigantic. It was pretty awesome. The chicken was my last hurrah with animal protein for the next 19 days. I honestly have no idea how that will fly. I flirted with being a vegetarian when I was like 17 years old. It lasted for a while. Then, my friends and I were driving back from a Phish show in Upstate New York, when the driver pulled into a rest stop and the lure of McDonalds was too strong for me after 3 days of camping. I never looked back. So, this should be interesting. Dinner was awesome! I will definitely be making this again. Southwest tacos- so good. Corn tortillas, black beans and rice with corn, avocado and pico de gallo. Definitely a keeper.

I learned a few things on day 2. I have ALWAYS hated tomatoes. I like them in ketchup form and in sauce form, but something about the texture of tomatoes has always bothered me. Oddly enough, the pearl tomatoes in my salad were amazing. I couldn’t believe how much I liked them. I wonder if this was a fluke or if I now actually like tomatoes? Stay tuned. I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting to find out.

Food prep today was interesting. It was definitely time consuming so I had to involve the girls, otherwise all hell would have broken loose. S is a kid who will happily occupy herself. O, not so much. O needs a playmate (read: audience or prop because obviously you need to do exactly what she tells you and you better not deviate from that script or else you are FIRED!) I made O my sous chef, a position that involved wearing an apron, standing on a chair at the counter and putting chopping veggies in various bowls. She loved it. She was actually sad when it was finished. I wasn’t because I do not love prepping and cooking meals, and I never will.

I drank an absurd amount of water today again. I also realized that water has a texture. Distilled water with mineralize just feels different somehow. I want to say it is smoother? I realize how ridiculous that sounds. I swear it is true. I was also FREEZING all day. According to the reset book, people can experience feeling cold while their bodies detox. I don’t know if it was that, or the freaking absurd June cold snap we are experiencing here. In any case, I definitely rocked the puffy vest yesterday. Nothing like a brisk Autumn day…wait a minute.

All in all, day 2 was pretty awesome. I am looking forward to day 3!

This is the First Day of My Life

So day 1 is in the books and I am feeling pretty good this morning. I had a TERRIBLE headache last night and didn’t sleep very well, but I am not sure I would blame that entirely on caffeine withdrawal. My allergies are a complete joke lately so I think that played a BIG part in my headache. I am getting way ahead of myself though. I should start at the beginning of the day.

I woke around 5 a.m., which is my normal wake up time so I can bust out a workout before the kids wake up (it works about 50% of the time). My plan is to continue to wake up early and get some work done. I also really don’t want to fall out of the habit of getting up. So, I will try to make this happen for the next 3 weeks. I took my first round of supplements with the mineralized distilled water and it began. Breakfast was pretty awesome- 2 eggs, whole grain bread and steamed spinach. I was pretty hungry after breakfast but I am pretty sure that is because I have been eating like a monster lately. Also, my body is so used to having my shake around 9 that it was weird not to have it. Lunch was homemade Miso soup and a gigantic salad. I am one of those people who can eat a meal in 5 minutes tops. I am a speed eater. I should win prizes for the least amount of time spent per meal ( I realize this is not healthy but it is what it is). You guys? It took me 45 minutes to eat lunch. Not because it wasn’t delicious. It was! It just took me a long time to eat which was a nice change.

S was having a day. She has officially entered the terrible twos and has really been flexing her muscles lately. I actually felt more patient with her than I normally do when she flings herself on the ground  yelling “Hairstyle! NO hairstyle”. S calls ponytails, or buns, or really anything more than slapping a barrette in her hair hairstyle. It is beyond hilarious. I have no idea where she got it from (cough* netflix cough*). The most frustrating thing about these tantrums is that she totally Jekyll and Hydes the situation. One minute she wants a hairstyle. The next not so much. It is boat loads of fun around here. I thought I would be totally cranky and short tempered for at least the first day of the reset but so far that has not been the case.

We picked O up from school (more S tantrums at O’s school- public humiliation for the win!) and I came home to prep dinner for  me, D and S (friend S, not baby S- baby S will only eat mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, cereal bars, and yogurt). I also had to prep lunches for the next day. I was starting to get overwhelmed but it seriously did NOT take that long. Both meals involved way way way more ingredients than I am used to, especially fresh ones. It was relatively easy to prepare. Dinner was wild salmon with steamed asparagus and baby potatoes. I opened the salmon package and to my surprise the skin was still on the back. I was stunned. I had never seen such a thing and was in WAY over my head. I tried to cut the skin off using my less than professional grade knives ( I would do my wedding registry very differently if given the opportunity) and it was not working. I was starting to panic, when I realized that I could turn to google for help. Sure enough, google told me to cook it with the skin which would peel off easily after cooking. Google was correct as usual. I am not sure how people survived prior to Google, without looking like complete morons that is. Dinner was actually really delicious and I plan to keep it in the rotation post reset.

I started to get an insane headache around 7:30. I tried to push through and get some work done but I decided to call it a night. I tried to fall asleep early but that wasn’t really happening. Woke up this morning and I felt so much better. All in all, day 1 was definitely easier than I expected it to be. Stay tuned…

Remember when I used to blog?

Yeah, It’s been a while to say the least. One of my major goals of 2015 was to write here every day. Clearly, that ship has sailed. AH well c’est la vie.  However, I AM turning over MANY new leaves for June, so maybe this time it will happen. Today is day 1 of my 21 day Ultimate Reset. This program is so far outside my comfort zone, it is laughable. No working out (except for light yoga and walking)???? No meat or dairy (after day 2)??? No gum??? NO CAFFEINE????? Why would I do such a thing? Well, for starters, my coach and friend basically strong armed me into doing it. She is VERY persuasive that one. Once I wrapped my head around that I was doing it ( and with 90 other people I might add- there is safety in numbers for sure), I began to get more excited about it. Why? Well, I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Not for any discernible reason, I was just meh. I was still working out all the time but my nutrition? Well, let’s just say that I was a bit of a mess. Can we say emotional eater? The problem was, I couldn’t figure out WHY I was sabotaging myself. I became nervous to run into people at events and the grocery store for fear they would be like “is she kidding as a beachbody coach? Who is she to help me get healthy when she can’t even keep it together herself”? I was NOT feeling good about myself.  And so, in an effort to get my groove back and try something VERY new.

You might be asking yourself “what does this have to do with this blog”? Well, I like how you think. You see, since this space was sitting here all unused and lonely, and I was looking to capture my experience with the reset, I thought perfecto. I can get myself into the habit of posting here every day  AND chronicle my reset experience.

In true slacker fashion, I didn’t finish grocery shopping for this week until 5 minutes before my friend S was set to come over to meal prep with me. S is a GREAT sport and agreed to do this with me. We attempted to grocery shop on Friday, and we did accomplish a bunch of the VERY long list. However, when you have no idea what some of the ingredients are, shopping tends to take a LOT longer than it normally would. Then on Saturday, my husband, D, decided that he wanted to do the reset too. I asked him about this a solid month ago when I decided I was going to do it. He said no. So obviously, once the preliminary shopping was completed, he decided to hop on this here bandwagon. Whatever, shopping was complete at 5 pm after a crazy weekend, which included O’s dance recital Sunday Morning. Cutest thing ever.  But, I digress. S brought over her two girls who are the same ages as mine and everybody is friends with everybody else. Perfecto.   I am fairly sure that no one would ever accuse either S or I of being particularly domestic, so it was definitely a scene.  I kind of wished we filmed the insanity that was going on. Kids everywhere. Produce everywhere. Pyrex everywhere.  I am really proud to say that we busted out some pretty awesome Miso Soup, and a bunch of other recipes needed for this week. It wasn’t even that hard. Was it more effort that I normally would put into food prep? Um yes. Hell yes. However, it wasn’t terrible.  Stay tuned for what today brings!

Sample in a Jar

Well, hey there. I know better than to promise that from this point forward I will regularly blog, because every time I say that there is a gigantic lag in posts. Accordingly, I make no promises regarding future posts. For all you know, this could be the last one ever so you should probably print it out and frame it, or put it on your fridge or carry it around in your wallet. I will even sign it for you. That is how selfless I am. You’re welcome.

For most of my childhood, we lived with my Grandmother. She was an amazing woman in so many ways, and definitely is the sole reason my formative years had any semblance of normalcy. She had a spark to her, a dark sense of humor and an easy laugh. I like to think I inherited these qualities from her. My kids definitely inherited her love of “freebies”. Samples if you will. Sometimes, not even samples. Just things left on the table of a diner for convenience. At any given time our refrigerator housed no less than a dozen Smuckers jelly packets that she pilfered from the local luncheonette. She also kept some in her purse. I am fairly certain that she never actually purchased a box of Sweet n’ Low. She just filled up her bag at the table and shamelessly asked the waitress for a refill. In any case, my girls, O and S, adore free crap.

Taking them to BJ’s is a sight to behold. In her normal life, O eats 4 things; mac n’cheese, grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and pizza. S has a more adventurous palate for now, but I know how these things go. On a good day with O, maybe I can convince her to eat a bite of broccoli. Yet when she is in BJ’s, she morphs into a pint sized foodie. She happily gobbles up anything they are handing out. Seared duck with a mango salsa reduction? Bring it on. She begs me to stay for the knife demonstrations so that we can claim our free prize. Spoiler alert…It’s an apple corer. I have 5 of them.

There is no place where their love of samples is more pronounced than at Trader Joe’s. From the minute we walk in, O asks if we can go to the “food counter” in the back. Mean mommy that I am, I make her hold off until I get the produce and the milk out of the way. It does not matter what they are serving, O wants it and she wants it NOW. For example, our local TJ’s was serving a little thing called a “shrimp nugget”. I can’t even say that without my stomach turning. I told her no less than seven times that she wouldn’t like them. She disagreed. She tried one and said they were delicious. She begged me to buy them because she wanted them for dinner. I said no. She lobbied me throughout the store, and I finally gave in because, hey, shrimp nuggets are a new food. We got home. I popped those bad boys in the oven, and 15 minutes later O refused to even look at them. A version of this scenario happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. You would think I would learn, but no. Not even close.

This week’s epic food waste failure involves a product called Pumpkin O’s. As an aside, when did everything become pumpkin flavored for fall? I am sure I am in the minority but I HATE pumpkin flavored shit. Especially products that have no business being pumpkin flavored. I am looking at you pumpkin flavored peanut butter. You may be asking yourself what is a Pumpkin O? Well, allow me to enlighten you. Pumpkin O’s are seasonally flavored Trader Joe brand Cheerios. The nice man behind the food counter offered a cup full of this nonsense to both O and S. I balked because there is no way a 3.5 year old and 17 month old will like this right? S ate the entire cup and O proceeded to declare her undying love for the yummiest cereal in the world. She begged and pleaded with me to buy a box and sucker that I am, I did. I am certain you all know where this is going right? The next morning, I poured both girls a healthy portion of Pumpkin O’s. Neither girl would eat hers. They tasted disgusting. These are different from the ones in the store… and on and on. I knew they would pull this crap because they do it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I had no reason to believe that this would be different, and yet here I am annoyed because there is a giant box of disgusting cereal taking up space in my pantry. This time I decided to take a stand. Every morning I vow to serve them a bowl of Pumpkin O’s. They might not eat it, but they will sit next to it at breakfast every day (until the box is empty). I have also taken to filling their snack cups with this, hoping against all hope that maybe they will actually learn to love one of their samples outside of the store.

I just called to say you’re an A@#h%$e

I don’t really have a filter when it comes to my thoughts and feelings. Accordingly, I am quite familiar with the taste of my foot. Typically, these incidents occur face to face; however with technological advances being what they are, more and more of these faux pas are occurring via smart phone. How many of you have sent a text message to the wrong recipient? How many of you have sent a shit talking text message to the wrong recipient? How many of you have left your husband a voicemail that recorded a husband bashing conversation between you and a friend? Oh just me? Awesome.

Allow me to back up. Last Friday evening, my hometown held its annual fireworks extravaganza. O has been completely obsessed with fireworks since seeing them on the actual 4th of July while visiting family upstate. She is convinced that the fireworks are being run by the ponies from My Little Pony and that the light display is the Elements of Harmony at work. The kid loves her some ponies. In any event, I decided to take her to the fireworks while D stayed home with S. We met up with Liv’s friend S and her parents. While we were waiting for the fireworks to begin, S’s mom and I engaged in what some would call “healthy venting” and others “bitching”. At some point during our conversation, I must have hit a button on my phone which of course dialed D’s work phone. Of course. I didn’t realize this until… oh about five minutes had gone by. During a lull in the conversation, I looked at my phone and saw the telltale green strip that indicates a phone call is in progress. I saw that it was D’s work number, but I really didn’t think anything of it…for two reasons. First, we weren’t saying anything that bad, and nothing I wouldn’t say directly to D. Second, and more importantly, it was really loud on the beach so I was pretty sure the voicemail didn’t pick up anything but background noise. WRONG!

We were packing up our stuff to leave the beach when I received a text from D. It kindly reminded me that the next time I felt a need to complain about him, I should make sure that I don’t butt dial his work phone and leave a five minute voicemail. I must admit that my initial reaction was to laugh because really? What are the odds? This is so typical of me. He was less amused. In any event, I am now totally paranoid and check my phone incessantly whenever I feel like “venting”. I suggest you do the same.

Milk was a bad choice

So….it has been MONTHS since my last post. I could offer up a ton of excuses as to why I haven’t written but I don’t think anyone is interested as to why I gave up this blog. Suffice it to say, I am recommitted to giving this writing thing a go…primarily because I just can’t seem to find time to work on S’s baby book. This could very well wind up being her only means of learning about early years and well…I need to do better for her sake. I also need a way to remember all the crappy things she has done to me so that I can lord it over her when she is a teenager.

I have had many terrible road trip experiences in my day, but this last drive up to Syracuse may take the cake. We left Long Island at around 3:30 p.m. which was pure genius if you enjoy sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in the Bronx. I know I do! It took us 25 minutes to travel ONE mile. As an aside, I was on day 3 of a 3 day refresh cleanse and my dinner consisted of vegetables that I cooked about 2 hours prior to our departure. I was the definition of Hangry and I am quite certain I wasn’t the best travel companion. We had now been in the car for about 2 and a half hours. It typically takes about 40-45 minutes to reach this point. Glorious quality time with the family!

We FINALLY made it passed the “black hole of suck” that is the on ramp to the GW bridge and we were looking forward to smooth sailing…for about 5 minutes. The clouds rolled in and we happened upon the mother of all thunderstorms. Visibility was zero and I had to pee so badly it was painful. D had no choice but to pull over to the nearest rest stop. I ran from the car to the door (probably about 50 feet) and was so throughly soaked that people laughed at me when I walked into the rest stop.

Bet you are wondering when this will come around to S and her part in this story…don’t worry I’ll get there. I get back in the car and my sister in law calls. She lobbies for us to spend the night in Albany with her and her family. We weren’t yet ready to admit defeat, so we decline. Onward and upward to Syracuse (still a good 4 hours away at this point). I am drenched and freezing in the air-conditioned car but I put on a cardigan and man up. S begins fussing in the back so I climb between the two carseats and give her a bottle and some dinner. I might need the jaws of life to get me out, but still everything is fine until…S looks me dead in the face, lets out a burp that would rival that of a 500 lb man and proceeds to projectile vomit milk and blueberries all over herself, the carseat, the seat of the car in front of her and, you guessed it, me. It just kept coming and I had nothing to stanch the flow save my hands. Once she was finished she looked up at me, smiled her killer smile, and all was right with her.

The smell was unbelievable. Think spoiled milk and fruit in the hot sun. I have a pretty weak gag reflex under the best circumstances, and this was just short of the worst. I couldn’t hide my face in my sleeve as my sleeve was coated in milk puke. O chimed in “something smells disgusting”. She then repeated that statement no less than one billion times in the 15 minutes it took to reach the next rest stop.

I cleaned S and myself up as best I could. Baby wipes cover a multitude of sins; however they are no match for exorcist vomit. We were now 4 hours into a journey that should have taken 2 hours tops. We decided to throw in the towel and go somewhere that had a washing machine and a hot shower. We called my sister in law, asked her to secure a pack in play for the puker, and headed toward the Capital of this glorious state. I will save the logistics of washing a Britax car seat cover for a later post.

Three is company?

I had an entirely different post planned for today and then…and then O threw the most dramatic temper tantrum in the history of temper tantrums that I just had to vent about it here. For those who are unfamiliar with Little Miss O and/or myself, we are cut from the same cloth. Raising her is a lot like I would imagine raising me was like (and suddenly I feel the need to make a bunch of apologies :)) She is very verbal, very stubborn and very opinionated. Fortunately, she is also very smart, very sweet and very funny…until she isn’t. Lately, O has been flexing her 3 year old muscles and it has not been easy on me and D.  This weekend, my usually unflappable D reached his limit and had to carry O screaming from a purim carnival at her school. She yelled the whole way home and  for a good 40 minutes before she was spent. Then bed time rolled around and O decided that she doesn’t like her bed anymore. She wants a new bed and she will not sleep until she gets it. She also hates her pajamas. My solutions for these problems were simple. Sleep on the floor in your underwear…done and done.  Alas, O didn’t go for that. Instead, she decided that she would scream and tantrum for an hour before finally falling asleep. These two incidents proved to be child’s play for what O had up her sleeve for me today.

I picked her up at school like usual. Most days we have snack with some of her friends and their parents in the lobby. We approached the snack bar and I asked her if she wanted to get mini muffins. She said “No, I want red Jello”. Perfecto. I paid for the jello and we settled in at the table. O and her friends noticed that there was a table with cookies that were free for the taking. I bet you think you know where this is going…but you would be wrong. She was allowed to have the cookie. I condoned the damn cookie. But the cookie wasn’t good enough for her.  No, No, No. Now, she wanted mini muffins. Cue me wanting to rip the hair from my head.

I told her that she couldn’t have the mini muffins because she already had two snacks. Welllllll…at this point there was no O, only Zuul. She marched over to the snack bar, and tried to grab the muffins herself. I was like 15 feet away and I saw what she was trying to do. I warned her about 3 times that she should rethink what she was about to do, but nope. She reached up and went for it. I swept in before anything actually fell and I put on her jacket while she screamed that she didn’t want to go. I managed to zip her up and I tried to grab her hand. Now we had an audience. My friends were trying to get Liv to calm down but their words were only fueling her ire. She was sobbing hysterically, yelling ” I don’t like you mommy. You aren’t my friend. Leave me alone”.  My 10 month old was now crying too because all she wanted was to be out of the stroller. I did everything I could think of. I pretended I was going to leave, I tried to grab her hand, my friends tried to grab her hand, staff members even tried to offer her another cookie (Note: I was not thrilled about this one because the last thing I wanted was to reward this behavior). I was mortified. I honestly didn’t know what to do. Finally, I had to pick her up and push my tank of a stroller to my car.   She screamed the entire way home and for a good 35 mins after. It was very relaxing.

Once she calmed down, we had a long talk about her behavior and how her actions affect other people. I have no idea if I got through to her at all.  The thing is, I get it. I used to throw tantrums like these also. I just wish I knew how to ward them off. I am now VERY afraid of the tween/teen years.